Help users
find their way
with notifications.

Send custom notifications to a targeted group of users from our Funnel or Retention analysis to bring users back to your app. Instantly.

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Use the best way to reach your users.

Take your pick of either push notifications and in-app messages to efficiently retain and engage your users.

Push eg

Push notifications can be sent to inactive users at any time so that you can get them to engage with your app again.

Inapp eg

In-app messages are custom-tailored messages that help guide users to find their way to conversion.

Easily create messages that work

Bring back more users
with push notifications

Reach the right users better with the ability to focus on target segments, such as users who have not used the app for 7 to 14 days.

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Main feature 2

Send perks to group of users
for a higher conversion rate

Incentivise only the inactive users
to come back to your app, by giving those users perks like discount coupons.

No need for complex operation or code; you’re always one click away from segments of users

You can choose the right segment of users just by clicking in the analytics pages. No need for engineers
or complicated development.

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More Features

Feature 1

User Behavior Defines Delivery

Notifications can be sent only to users who’ve done the actions you determined, such as following someone or sharing something.


Feature 2

Custom Messages

Deliver the right combination of text, image and action button to user segments for the most effective campaign.


Feature 3

Result Measurement

See statistics of users who responded to your measurement to plan your next course of action.


Feature 4

Custom Actions

Choose what the users see after clicking the action button in the notification, like a webpage or even another part of your app.


Feature 5

Custom Notification Sound

Choose your favorite from a range of notification sounds to give a delightful experience to your users.


Feature 6

Notification in Lock Screen

Push notifications appear on users’ lock screen so they won’t miss a thing.


Feature 7

Load Balancing

Choose how many notifications should be delivered during a period to minimize your app’s server load.


Feature 8

Scheduled Delivery

Push notifications can be scheduled to be deliver to your users at the best times.


Feature 9

Multiple Message Types

Messages can be chosen from variety of designs; the standard overlay or dialog. Additional types to be released soon.